We grow non-GMO vegetables and herbs with love!

We grow vegetables and herbs from heirloom and naturally = no chemicals. We grow a variety of vegetables and herbs that support mostly plant based creative approaches in the kitchen.  Our approach is to encourage using the whole plant for food as people around the world do and reduce wasting food. It’s amazing how much of many vegetable plants can actually be prepared to eat! 

We love hearing from our customers! Write us here or click on the CONTACT link above! Anything we can grow for you? 

We grow our vegetables and herbs in raised beds that are formed by using local organic topsoil and compost. What we add to the beds is also approved for organic growing such as peat moss and fertilizer.

We are low carbon emission in the sense that we are not fueled by fossils because we don’t use machines, but instead our hands for planting, weeding, and harvest. The mechanical tools we use are a small gas rototiller and a battery powered weed whacker with the occasional use of a battery powered chainsaw.

We believe that each plant we grow has to be taken care of so that when it is eaten it has the most to offer in terms of nutrients and taste.